We Hate Pop Country’s Honky Tonk Jamboree is a biweekly showcase of
traditional and outlaw country music of the past and present. We are recorded
on-scene in New Smyrna Beach, Florida at WHPC Studios via Hillbilly Hell Hound
Recording Co. All of the music featured on We Hate Pop Country’s Honky Tonk
Jamboree is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, or wherever real country
music is sold, as well as at the official web outlets of the performers themselves.

We are an organic, self-funded broadcasting service. We do not have sponsors,
corporate backing, or handlers to answer to. Expect excessive use of alcohol, illegal
substances, and the use of on-air profanity as we give you a run-through of tunes.

Hosted by WHPC Founder Caitlyn Smith, and Co-Founder Nicholas James.


Honky Tonk Jamboree: Episode 2 Playlist

Jason James – I’ve Been Drinkin’ More
ALBUM: Self-titled, “Jason James,” 2015
iTunes | Amazon | Website
The Country Side of Harmonica Sam – A Drink After Midnight
ALBUM: “A Drink After Midnight”  2017
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Jaime Wyatt – Wasco
ALBUM: “Felony Blues” 2017
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Josh Card – Won’t Chase Your Love
ALBUM: “With A Heavy Heart,” Due out Nov. 9, 2018
Pre-Order on iTunes | Website
Courtney Patton – What I Didn’t Say
ALBUM: “Triggering A Flood” 2013
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Cody Jinks – Must Be The Whiskey
ALBUM: “Lifers” 2018
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Josh Morningstar – Jerry Lee
(Live Recording Courtesy of Shaker Steps Productions)
Watch on YouTube | Website 
Kayla Ray – Rockport
ALBUM: “Yesterday & Me” 2018
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Hank Williams, Jr. – Brothers of the Road
ALBUM: “Hank Jr. & Friends” 1975
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Hank Williams, Jr. – Stoned at the Jukebox
ALBUM: “Hank Jr. & Friends” 1975
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Ashley McBryde – A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega
ALBUM: “Girl Going Nowhere” 2018
iTunes | Amazon | Website
The Steel Woods – Old News
ALBUM: “Old News” Due out January 2019
Pre-Order on iTunes | Website
Lynyrd Skynyrd – I Need You
ALBUM: “Second Helping” 1974
iTunes | Amazon | Website
J.P. Harris – Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing
ALBUM: “Sometimes Dogs Bark At Nothing” 2018
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Benjamin Tod – Using Again (Live Recording Courtesy of Gems on VHS)
ALBUM: “I Will Rise” 2018
iTunes | Amazon | Watch on YouTube | Website
Nikki Lane – Highway Queen
ALBUM: “Highway Queen” 2017
iTunes | Amazon | Website
Whitey Morgan and the 78’s – Honky Tonk Hell
ALBUM: “Hard Times & White Lines” 2018
iTunes | Amazon | Website
The Rolling Stones – Far Away Aways

ALBUM: “Some Girls” 1978

iTunes | Amazon | Website**Instrumental track playing while hosts talk,**
“Cloudy Days” by Ralph Mooney & Mike Headrick
ALBUM: “Wailin’ (Music of Waylon Jennings)” Re-released in 2007
Order It On CD Baby | Website


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