This past Saturday night I had the honor of sitting front and center to watch Josh Card and the Restless Souls shake ‘em down in Daytona Beach, Florida – just south of Jacksonville, where Card grew up. Formerly a guitarist for Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, Josh confirmed today that he’d be releasing his first solo album titled “With A Heavy Heart.”

Me being impatient, I couldn’t wait to hear what this troubadour had been working on, and was gifted the album a little early. I’d been listening to this record constantly for the three days leading up to the show, (and it’s still on constant repeat a week later) and I instantly knew I wanted to help spread the gospel on this gem of a record, especially after hearing a few of the songs live. For a country music fan like me, and really just a fan of music in general, when you hear an artist’s recorded work, and then get to see them play the songs live, it’s almost surreal.

Front to back, “With a Heavy Heart” is genuine, authentic, country music at its finest – and while the record is set to be released on November, 9th, today, you get to hear a little piece of it.

We Hate Pop Country has the honor of premiering the fifth track on the album, titled “Choice To Make.” To me, this song is everything. I say that because it details the trials and tribulations of a musician, very well. It’s choosing between working a dead end, going nowhere fast-job singing other folks songs, and ramblin’ on by following your passion to make and play your music on the road for crowds all over the world. Luckily for us, Josh Card most certainly made the right choice, giving us this piece of solid country gold.

Produced by Dean Miller, son of legendary singer/songwriter Roger Miller, the album is also laced with a slew of well-known studio musicians like Paul Franklin, and Mike Johnson on the steel, Guthrie Trapp wails on the electric guitar, Mark Beckett holdin’ down the drums, Jennee Fleenor sawin’ at the fiddle, and Whitey Morgan band-mate Alex Lyon pickin’ the bass.


The release date is set for November 9th, 2018, but when you pre-order this record, you get an instant download of “Choice To Make.” Furthermore, you can listen to this stellar first single right here!

Pre-order a copy of “With A Heavy Heart” from Josh Card on iTunes and at!


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  1. I worked with Josh outside of the music world. Other than being a very good musician, he a good guy. I wish him the very best.

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