Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few years like the lovable fictional character Patrick Star, then it’s no secret that the National Football League (NFL) has been the constant subject of national debate due to its controversial protests during the National Anthem. — From dominating the media cycle and our social media feeds to early morning talk radio, the conversation has even found its way to our family dinner tables, and dictates what shoe brands some American’s purchase. But I suppose that’s what bringing awareness to social justice issues such as police brutality is intended to do, whether one may agree with the methods the players have chosen to bring light to the issue or not. Joining in on the conversation is none other than country music superstar and living legend Hank Williams, Jr. whose never shied away from sharing his views, whether political in nature, or just simply telling you how he feels on current events. From “Tired of Being Johnny B. Goode” on his 1979 critically acclaimed album release “Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound,” and his response to critics of contemporary southern rock infused country of the day with 1987’s “Young Country,” to his politically charged 2012 output “Old School, New Rules.” At this point, we all know where he stands, and if you didn’t by now, well then, quite frankly, that’s on you.

Cleverly titled “Take A Knee, Take A Hike,” Bocephus proves he’s still witty in the one-liner department. Kicking off with a hard driving back beat, and fiddle drenched instrumentation, there’s no doubting Hank Jr.’s firm footing in traditional and outlaw country music heritage even still today well into his late 60’s. Hank acknowledges that the players have the same Constitutional rights to Freedom of Speech as expressed in the lyricism of this song within the opening sentiments, “Some won’t stand for the anthem, and that’s their right. Well, freedom isn’t free, our military means our liberty,” but shows that he means business with the following verse, “so if you’re gonna take a knee, take a hike.” 

Although the song may be new with a fresh feel that only Rockin’ Randall could deliver, Hank finds himself recycling a few verses from a previously released song of his,“We Don’t Apologize For America,”  including the title itself in one line, which is from the previously noted, previously released 2012 album “Old School, New Rules.” — But overall, “Take A Knee, Take A Hike” is just a classic, old school, Hank Jr. just sayin’ what’s on his mind, and if you don’t like it, you can kiss his ass kinda song, and personally, that’s the way I like my country music. It’s real. It’s raw. And it’s unapologetically Hank. Whether you agree or not, it’s a catchy tune, one simply cannot deny. You’ll also be surprised to hear the late-great Merle Haggard’s voice in the closing verse, “When you’re runnin’ down my country, Hoss, you’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.” Which, of course, is borrowed from the Haggard classic “Fightin’ Side of Me,” which Hank and Merle teamed up on in 2012 for a few verses featured in “We Don’t Apologize For America,” which paraphrased the Haggard classic in the song while paying homage to Merle and Hank’s friendship.

Now, it isn’t currently clear if this single is intended for any upcoming projects that Hank Jr. may be working on. However, it did confirm longstanding rumors that Hank was in the recording studio. Something also worth noting is that “Take A Knee, Take A Hike” was released as a surprise to Jr.’s fans through Hank’s own independent music imprint, Bocephus Records, and not through NASH Icon, Big Machine Records parent-sister label that veteran country music recording artists such as Hank Williams Jr., Reba McEntire, Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn and others are currently signed to.

The single is available for purchase on iTunes, and can be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.




197 Thoughts to “Hank Jr. Takes On NFL Protests In New Surprise Song “Take A Knee, Take A Hike””

  1. This goes well beyond taking a knee at an NFL game. This addresses those that would attack a judical nominee with an exemplary resume and family. This addresses those that have stolen a political party in their quest for power and most importantly addresses a silent majority that are no longer willing to watch as THEIR country is slowly stripped away from them! Well done Mr Williams, well done!

    1. Well done. This is America . Land of the free and home of the brave. This is home. We should never be ashamed of where we live. And our God and our flag. Our men and women is out there in harm’s way for all of us. Thanks Hank

  2. Super Fantastic!!!!…telling it like it is!!!!…NFL/NOT FOR LONG!!!! praying that we get back our Old America we miss her SO MUCH!!!!…GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!

  3. I’m standing with you Hank!! I can’t stand this pop music they call country!! I quit listening years ago & I won’t go back!!

  4. Love the song!!! Only Bocephus can truly say and tell it like it really is. I couldn’t agree more. BOCEPHUS FOR PRESIDENT !!!!!

    1. Very few NFL players get million dollar salaries. And few play for more than an average four to five years. So they beat their bodies to crap for people who don’t care and only castigate.

  5. You’ve Always Been Brave in Speaking Out that Represents All Americans in our own Nation. I Thank You Hank Williams Jr. I remember Your Father Being On The Old Country Music Stage back in the Days was the Country Music. Thank You So Very Much 📺

  6. If you do not love this country enough to stand for and honor its colors and the sacrifice they stand for, you are free and welcome to take a hike. Don’t let the airliner door tap you on the ass as you pilot on out of here. Amen Hank!

    1. Let them dumb son of a bitchs take a knee, they need to bow down to the usa like the pussys they are anyway!!!The rest of us bad asses can stand tall and proud and salute our flag and our military and of course our fore fathers. I know I do, even in my living room. Another no.1 hit hank, your the man buddy. We’ve always love you!!

  7. Well, Ole Rockin Randall Hank told it like it is AGAIN!!!
    Back in the mid 80’s I lived 2 houses down and across the street from 66Hank in a Trailor Estate in Panama City Beach, Fla. And 1/2 a mile in the same Estate from David Alan Coe. Talk about a nutt, D A Coe takes the cake. We used to meet and drink beer at a kinda hidden place, ‘The Hidaway’ where not a lot of people execpt the locals knew about.

  8. I’ve always loved HANK WILLIAMS Jr. He is the man. Tells it like it is. N my younger years i went to c u every time you came to Charlotte n.c. and Columbia s.c. I’m from Lancaster s.c

  9. I love it. Well said. Why the hell do they stay here if they don’t want to honor our flag. I say they should get the hell out now. Love the song have to go buy it. Thanks for all you do for the country.

  10. Thank you Hank for telling those spoiled brats in the NFL where to go. They can take a hike to some other country! Love your music. Give us another cd! Love ya, Don

  11. I totally agree with Hank Jr They can All take a Hike Loved this Can’t wait to be able to Buy it God Bless the USA 🇺🇸 and to all those who have served or who are still Serving Thank You for your Service 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. True feelings from a true legend !!! Ahhh it’s nice to see some people still have guts , say what ya mean and mean what you say ought to be all of our mottos!!!!

  13. Hank you are the man these players get paid millions and to damn sorry to stand for the flag that people have gave their lives for so they could be free!! And go figure nothing but a bunch of niggers starting it and continuing on with it kick their sorry ass out of the NFL and then out of America!! Love u hank with you all the way and always will be old country!!

  14. Love Hank. Love his rebel ways. Love the fact that he isn’t afraid to say it. The song is perfect. Thanks for once again standing up for America.

  15. Hank you are the man these players get paid millions and to damn sorry to stand for the flag that people have gave their lives for so they could be free!! And go figure nothing but a bunch of niggers starting it and continuing on with it kick their sorry ass out of the NFL and then out of America!! Love u hank with you all the way and always will be old country!!

  16. Bocephus has always been my favorite and he has done it again. Great song! Now just bring some of that country to California so I can see you in concert one more time. It’s on my bucket list.

  17. Never have been a fan of Hank Jr, but this time he did the job for all of us. Maybe they will put it on Monday Night Football, Yeah sure!!!

  18. Well america needs people like hank Jr’s.God knows america has gone down hill.especially these hi flunting football players.they need to go to Russia.and let Putin take care of them.

  19. Love it Hank …will not watch any football loved it. It’s a disgrace to our country… who ever takes a knee…hit the road….they are ruining all of our sports so so sad. I’m done

    1. I have followed all 3 of the Williams men and I gotta tell you that they all are great Americans good job Bocephus

  20. Great song loved it…. agree with every word…. Use to LOVE watching Football …. but I’m done just a disgrace to AMERICA can’t stand it…

  21. Damn great song, it should play before the National Anthem, before every football game, maybe those sorry ass players would take the hint.

  22. U go Hank Jr.! We feel the same way and u said it best! I am retired Military (35 yrs) and it is very Disrespectful to me for people to take a knee! God Bless u!
    MSG (R) Rhonda Smith
    Ray Smith
    Jack, Alabama

  23. Hank said it all. Nothing else can be said. Thanks Hank for standing up and saying something. The NFL don’t and won’t listin to us fans about anything. So hopefully they will hear what you have to say. Your the face of Monday Night Football. Been a true fan of yours since 1974 and still am in 2018. Keep on speaking up for us and keep on with the true country music. Your the best Hank.

  24. I was 11 years old when I first heard A Country Boy Can Survive. Hank Jr. has been singing about this country for as long as I can remember. He’s a LEGEND!

    I love my God!
    I love my Country!
    I love my 45!

    MAGA! God Bless America and God Bless Bocephus!

  25. You got it Bocephus and you tell it like it is I have been boycotting the NFL for 2 years haven’t watched any games whatsoever and those people ought to be fined 2 million dollars each time they kneel

  26. Get paid 100m a year and you can’t stand for 1 min to pay respect to the flag,men and women who fought to protect this land is an insult, WAY better ways to protest if that is your view.

  27. Hell yea tell it like it fuckin is hank there are some that tend to forget why we get the liberties we have seen you in Charlotte awesome song

  28. Simply the BEST at his craft! How blessed we are to live In this great country and to be able to enjoy music from this GREAT AMERICAN ICON! HWJR , you might not agree with everything he says and does, but you damn sure got to respect it ! How many people tell it like that, no matter what?

  29. Way to go Hank! Your daddy would be proud! This is just one of the reasons why we love you so much, that and you being a good looking man! I can just hear Waylon singing this with you if he were here today! We love you Bocephus!!!

  30. You all are a bunch of rejects before the protest even start he asked a former veteran for his consent and what his thoughts were on the mater and he was all go for it you morons need to worry about more harder problems like the priest pedophiles or is that ok with your religious beliefs

    1. Love the song and don’t understand what pedophiles have to do with anything. I remember the night Hank Sr died and know he would be proud of Jr standing up for our country and our military

  31. This song says it all for me. Love it! We all need to stand for what this country was built on. I have always felt that the NFL should have told those players that they would not play football in this country if they did not respect it. I am proud to be an American.

  32. Just an old country boy tired of seen his home country being rip apart good tune hank seen you oncevat Missouri state fair never forget have a good day

  33. Thank You 😊Hank Jr. for the millions of Americans that love America, and our Flag 🇺🇸.
    We pledge alligence to the Flag🇺🇸

  34. I loved your song Hank! We need to get back to honoring our Flag, our Country, our Presidents ( if we like them or not they were voted in by majority vote) and our Military that protect us everyday while we rest comfortably at home feeling safe! Love it or leave it !

  35. Way to go Hank. This country is going to hell in a hand basket. If you don’t like these colors. Then you can run along. Because these colors don’t……. Thanks Hank for the great song…

  36. Love the song we have to speak up too these people who crap on our country call them out and yes that means football players good job hank

  37. Amen Hank! I have three sons in the military right now so yes I stand for the flag and I stand for all the other men and women in our military past and present. Especially for the ones of have sacrificed their lives for my freedom ❤️🇺🇸💯

  38. THANK YOU Hank Jr. love the words…very well done..
    Retired and moved to Florida from Kentucky… For the last few years I have been working with the elderly.. Most are from OTHER countries. ..they ALL HATE our President and our Country….but say they would rather be HERE ..than anywhere….Breaks my heart…I love our Country and proud of our President…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  39. I myself ,was in the Army for 6 years., I completely agree with what u say. Like the lyrics in your song. Really hits home. Maybe this will wake,some,people up. About dam time. Getter Done.

  40. Whatever happened to freedom of speah. Take that away here and where will it happen next under this fat sick freak in the White House

  41. Yes, just what America needs.
    The military give their lives to keep the USA protected. And that includes of flag and Anthem, God Bless them.
    That is not away to protest. That is what the DC Mall is for. Like everyone has done in the past.

  42. Thank you Bocephus I am a vet thank you very much US military do appreciate you very much thank you thank you does not say what I really feel but those only words that keep popping in my head

    1. Ya–Collin and the rest of you knealers, just get “the sam hill” out of “Joseph’s Land” – The Land of The New Jerusalem–I wish you would all leave immediately–maybe you would like Siberia–maybe Putin has some words of encouragement for you–I DON’T, you all are a disgrace to our precious LAND OF PROMISE–The Land of Milk and Honey. My hope for you guys w/no gonads is that The God of Israel strikes you down like He did Saul or Young Alma and you be absolutely powerless; and your only hope would be that knowledge that there is an eternal being that you can turn to in times of desperation and that He is The One and Only God of Israel sees fit to restore you..SHAME ON ALL OF YOU KNEALERS!!! Yes Hank is right TAKE A HIKE…

  43. I’m not that mսch of a online reader to be honest but your blogs realⅼy
    nice, keep it up! I’ll gο ahead and Ƅookmark your site to come ƅaсk later.
    All the best

  44. HORRIBLE, Horrible song filled with hate. I will be contacting Disney and ESPN to request that your contract be ended with them.

    1. IN RESPONSE TO WENDY K’S COMMENT: So, you support the players right to Freedom of Speech, but not Hank’s? Why is that? That’s a bit hypocritical, and quite hateful yourself, wouldn’t you say? Your thought process is rooted in bigotry. Food for thought.

    1. You don’t have a problem with Hank III saying homophobic shit like “fa***t” in the song Dick In Dixie but you have a problem with this? o.O

  45. I love the song everyone should respect our Flag and our Soldiers. God bless America. I love the United States of America

  46. Hank Jr. gets it right everytime.Been behind you and your music for a long time. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Ty you Hank…those players are living there dream by playing football and making tons of cash they don’t realize that’s all possible cause of our fighting men and women of our great military made it possible for them.totally disrespectful to the real winners our great military great job Hank ty.

  48. Speaking as a wife of an retired Officer of the United States Army after 34 years. I thank you so much for this song!! I love it !

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